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We thought you might be interested in our excellent Mining RIG if you want to build your own RIG. You'll get a fully assembled RIG with the video card of your choice already installed. Buy 6 GPU rig online from us. All of our RIGS are meticulously assembled and delivered in secure packaging. You can save space and improve the cooling of your appliances by using a 6 GPU Mining Rig. The 6 GPU mining Rig for sale is an open air cryptocurrency mining frame made of powder coated steel that can hold up to 6 graphics cards with a maximum length of 360 mm.

Buy 6 GPU Rig | 6 GPU Mining Rig For Sale

A riser shelf and an integrated fan module are included in the frame. Suitable for risers with an assembly screw spacing of 40 mm. It comes with a universal 2.5" hard drive holder. Buy 6 GPU Rig, the structure can support one or two power supplies. The miner's on/off switch cable is included in the kit, making it much easier to turn it on. The high quality of the frame ensures that it is very stable and rigid.


Rapid Installation: The rack module can be seen at a glance. The installation process is extremely straightforward. It is possible to complete the installation in less than 20 minutes. High-Quality and Sturdy Steel: The mainframe structure of the miner case is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, which makes the entire rack more sturdy and durable. Perfect Multi-Scheme Support: This is a 6 GPU mining Rig for sale that is perfect for 6 and 8 GPU mining, supports the installation and fixing of ATX / MATX type motherboards, supports the installation of HDD and SSD, supports a single power scheme, and supports any length of graphics card installation. Mini Miner Case Cuts Down on Mining Costs: A professional team created the miner case. The frame's structure is compact and reasonable, allowing you to maximize space and lower your mining costs. Suitable for Scrypt Algorithm: Mining on GPU The professional GPU mining machine can be used to mine any type of GPU virtual currency that uses the scrypt algorithm, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Earthcoin, Altcoin, and others.

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