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Antminer Z15 profitability NiceHash

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The new Antminer Z15 profitability NiceHash is expected to have three times the hashing power of its predecessor, the Z11, while using less power. When using 1510 Watts, you'll get around 420KSol/s. As a result, performance is increased by threefold while power consumption is only slightly increased. The first batch was priced at $2,100 USD, with delivery scheduled for the end of June 2020. Luxor Switch will be available for the Z15, which we are very excited about. As a result, you can directly benefit from our Equihash profit switching algorithm to increase your hashrate rewards. Our profit switching pool mines the most profitable equihash chain, which means you get more for your hashrate. It also has the capability of directly paying you in Bitcoin. You can also mine directly on the ZCash or Horizen blockchains with the Z15. This can be done instead if you want to be paid in ZCash or Horizen. Luxor Switch comes with a higher profit margin, but you will forego it. The procedure is the same as before, but this time use the stratum proxy listed below.  

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