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You will receive a ready to mine A6 Scrypt Miner that will allow you to mine the most popular digital currencies like LiteCoin, Gamecredit, and a multitude of other currency.

This item is shipped directly from the manufactory ( MAINLY IN CHINA ), customs duties will apply depending on your location. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Mining has never been easier!


Buy Innosilicon – A6 – 1,23GH/S | Innosilicon a6 for sale

Litecoin (LTC) has been performing well recently, and it’s no surprise that ASIC manufacturers are attempting to entice new customers with their improved mining hardware by rekindling user interest in one of the oldest altcoins. The new Innosilicon A6+ LTC Master ASIC miner with included PSU promises 2.2 GHS Scrypt hashrate at 2100W of power consumption and is ready to ship for $3000 USD (or 0.613874 BTC or 45.034 LTC with the current prices). The Innosilicon A6+ is an improved version of the Innosilicon a6 for sale from last year, with better performance and energy efficiency.

The new Scrypt Innosilicon a6 for sale nearly doubles hashrate with only half the power consumption increase, and it’s worth noting that Innosilicon still sells the old A6 miner for $2000 USD without PSU for 1.23 GHS hashrate with 1500W power consumption (significantly less than the initial price of $6300 USD when it was announced). Unfortunately, while using an LTC mining calculator to run the numbers for the new miner is profitable, the profit you can currently get over the power cost isn’t really attractive enough to make you want to pull the trigger and get the miner.

Firstly, A6 Scrypt Miner. 

If you are looking for or something that will enable you to mine.

In terms of Crypto mining currency, then you are at the right place.

Our website specializes in such hardware. (1, 23GH/S, A+, INNOSILICON, LITECOIN, LITECOIN MINER, LTC, LTC MINER) We know the importance of the Crypto mining hardware that will last long within a power consumption to mine new best and popular currencies all over the internet.

Crypto mining has been becoming a sports day by day as not many of us realize how special and important it can be to one of those who are in the league of Crypto mining producing the best algorithm and giving at their hundred percent.  For those people who are in this League.  We give enough importance to them and support them to do that best.

providing the best hardware we could get from our side. With long-lasting and durable hardware, we ensure you that Crypto mining can be never this easy without our product.

Specifications of this product

1. The product has certain specifications as its premium quality that has been customized by our website not only to suit you with the best hardware but also provide you with durability and perfect power consumption that will last long to mine you more and more. Innosilicon a6 for sale.

2. The product has read a script of 1.23 gigahertz per second with a power consumption of 1500 w and has tangible features of 350 mm to 50 mm and 150 mm consisting of length width and height with a Total weightage of 8.5 kg and can run on 120 V to 240 V AC.

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